Pumpkin Spiced Everything — Why Focusing On Fall Is Our Only Escape

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Why focus on fall? With everything going on in the world, who cares about this pumpkin spice-filled season? Why are we making such a big deal about it? It seems like such a frivolous thing to focus on, given everything that’s going on around us.

Honestly, I think that we usually make a big deal about fall because 1.) amazing people were born in the fall (*points thumbs inward*) and 2.) it’s sort of the start of the holiday season; it gives us cozy sweater weather; makes us want to snuggle up, staying in, and spend quality time with family. Even though we have been spending A LOT of quality time with our families this year in particular, fall still holds a special place in our hearts. This year, it’s like we’ve been needing something to look forward to.

So, both despite and because of the crap that we have had to endure this year, I am fully embracing the fall! Bring on the pumpkins and apples, bring on the fuzzy socks, bring on the falling leaves, give me all of it!

I’ve been seeing a lot of places that are accommodating to social distance guidelines. I’ve seen drive-through petting zoos, of sorts and socially distance hayrides. Also, a lot of people have been enjoying the brisk weather by taking hikes (wearing masks of course). Look around and see what you can do to enjoy yourself while remaining safe and healthy.

PSA: Please don’t get so swept up in the magic of fall that you forgot to vote. Please vote. And then get a pumpkin spiced muffin to celebrate.

Written by Dr. Claire and Shaunte Boom for Staeboom.com



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Shaunte Young

Shaunte Young

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